Nidia Nair Marques

2012 -2013


The relationship between Architecture and Dance seems relevant to me because both focus with some objectivity on Space and the three-dimensionality of the universe we occupy. treat-if of constant experiences because we carry them out daily. Because every moment we confront our body with other objects, and in this way we occupy and model a space. The experience of Dance – as a spectacle that is shared (by the performer) and observed (by an audience), it may not be an ongoing daily experience, it may be just a brief interval of time. However if If we see our movement in space as a dance, then there is a Dance of Architecture.There is a symbiosis between Architecture and Dance, which start to “walk side by side”. This symbiosis is possible because there is a very strong connection that we cannot abdicate: the body that allows that the space is usable.

Occupied Space, Nidia Nair

I have Zoo in my Room - 2013

  • Children's performance show
  • (based on the text «I have Zoo in my Room" by Nídia Nair)
  • which addresses the vitality/ability to Dream,
  • appeals to the tactile, auditory, perspicacity senses, and seeks to demystify some fears of growth.


  • Aquitecta Irrequeta
  • Pato Torquato
  • Vendedor de Sapatos
  • Plantinha dos meus Pais
  • Vendedor de Sapatos
  • Plantinha dos meus Pais